All foreign students must provide the following documents:

Personal Documents:

• Passport number
• Foreign Identification Number (RNE – Registro Nacional do Estangeiro).
Should be obtained in the Federal Police Departed located at Rua Hugo DÀntola no 95- Downtown -Telephone number: (005511) 3538-5000 – Opening hours: 08 a.m. until 5 p.m.
• Authenticable copy of your passport
• Student Visa Proof
• Residence Proof
• Two 3×4 pictures (with a white background)

All the document must have the Brazilian Consulate Stamp, from the foreign student’s country.

Scholar Documents:

• High School Certificate
• Academic Recognition Agreement – one ought to search the Student Board near your place of residence. Call 3672-7668 to search for the best location
• Copy of you birth certificate or marriage certificate
• One 3×4 picture
• Sworn translation of your High School Certificate
• Proficiency of Portuguese Certificate
• Our institution will not be responsible for any lack of the documents above. Without these documents the foreign students will not obtain the right to graduate.

Livia Salone
International Affairs

Souza Lima Faculdade de Musica
055 -11-3050-0330